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彩票,也称福利彩票,是一种以筹集资金为目的发行的,印有号码、图形、文字、面值的,由购买人自愿按一定规则购买并确定是否获取奖励的凭证。 彩票是出于娱乐与筹措活动资金而产生的。

A lottery, also known as a welfare lottery, is a certificate issued for the purpose of raising funds, printed with numbers, graphics, words, and face values, which are voluntarily purchased by the purchaser according to certain rules and determine whether to obtain a reward. Lotteries are created for entertainment and to raise funds for events.

据史料记载,早在1530年在意大利的佛罗伦萨便诞生了全球第一个公开发行彩票的机构。 1566年,英国女王伊丽沙白一世曾批准发行彩票以筹款修建港口和弥补其他公用。18世纪初期,随着欧洲工业划时代革命兴起,彩票业也得以蓬勃发展。由于彩票业具有高额利润,荷兰政府、丹麦政府、西班牙政府、葡萄牙政府、奥地利政府等都先后把发行彩票作为政府一种新收入的来源。

According to historical records, as early as 1530 in Florence, Italy, the world's first public lottery was born. In 1566, Queen Elizabeth I of England approved the issuance of lottery tickets to raise funds for the construction of ports and other utilities. In the early 18th century, with the rise of the epoch-making revolution in European industry, the lottery industry also flourished. Due to the high profits of the lottery industry, the Dutch government, the Danish government, the Spanish government, the Portuguese government, the Austrian government, etc. have successively used the issuance of lottery tickets as a new source of government revenue.


At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Cui Guoyin, who had served as ambassador to the United States, Spain and Peru, made a detailed investigation of Spain during his visit to Spain to submit his credentials, and he recorded the origin of the lottery in his book. Spain is an old imperialist country with many colonies around the world. Later, the country's situation declined, and the financial income could not make ends meet. To fill the empty treasury, the government issued lottery tickets to amass wealth. A quarter of the lottery money sold by it is withdrawn to fill the treasury, and about 5 million pesetas are collected every year, which has become a major source of wealth for the country, and the rest are divided into one, two, three, four, and five in addition to the expenses.


The drawing method is roughly the same as it is now: put the number and color code between two empty balls, one ball out of the number, the other ball out of the color code. At that time, children's balls were used to rotate, and all holders of lottery tickets were allowed to visit and draw in public. Because there is no fraud, and it caters to people's fluke mentality, there are many buyers.


The Spanish lottery gradually spread and entered the "international market", and France, Germany and other countries have taken effect. However, in 1890, the United States officially announced that it was forbidden to import lottery tickets, no mail, no bank exchange, and no import. Once seized, all are confiscated. The Spanish lottery was also issued in Shanghai, China around the early 60s of the 19th century. Began to gain 480,000 taels of silver per year; By the 90s of the 19th century, the annual profit silver was nearly 1 million taels. By the end of the 19th century, it had consumed about 230 million taels of silver in China's national treasury, and because the Qing government ignored it, a large amount of silver money flowed out, and the losses were quite heavy.


New China's lottery began in the 80s, although it started late, it developed rapidly, with a total of nearly 30 billion yuan in 2001. By the end of the 20th century, more than 150 countries and regions had issued lotteries. Whether developed or developing, lottery has been widely recognized and accepted, and has become one of the important means for governments to raise funds and increase taxes. At present, there are two major world lottery organizations in the world: "International Lottery Organization" and "National Lottery International Association".


There are 7 kinds of lotteries in China: instant lottery, traditional lottery, lotto lottery, digital lottery, lucky lottery, football lottery, time lottery, due to the development of the World Cup, the recent football lottery is particularly hot, so let's take a closer look at the football lottery!


Football lottery is a lottery model issued by the state that uses football quiz as a means. It is well known that modern football originated in the United Kingdom, but you may not know that the modern football lottery also originated in the United Kingdom. Many people may think that the origin of the football lottery in the UK is related to the natural gambling personality of British people, but this is not the case. Although the French described the British as "the world's number one gambler", we must see that in the 19th century, Britain, known as the "empire of the sun", was the only superpower in the world, and the people's energy was seriously excessive. In this environment, the football lottery was born.


China's football lottery has fourteen games in one bet list, with a total of three choices 3-1-0 per game; 3 means home team wins, 1 means draw, and 0 means away team wins. You fill in each of the fourteen games according to your judgment and complete the filling of a single form, a total of 2 yuan. The duplex alone is more than the game by filling in a variety of results according to 3-1-0, and it requires more silver.



Investing in sports lottery is an investment behavior, but also an entertainment behavior, many students want to increase the sense of participation in the World Cup by buying sports lottery, and even hope to obtain certain benefits through this behavior, but we must decide the amount of investment according to our economic situation, if buying sports lottery affects our life, then we invest in the lottery will lose the nature of investment and the nature of entertainment.

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